Our lives dedicated to creating a brighter future at   for our children

A world where children can develop their skills freely without any discrimination.

Italo’s Way Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of achieving the social integration of children with special needs by developing their individual skills through art, sports, job training, and other activities. Our projects mostly work on diffusion programs, child’s sensitization, integration, volunteering, interagency agreements, among other topics.

An Organization You Can Trust

We manage and safeguard the generous contributions from individual donors, corporations and other organizations. We are very careful with how we use the gifts our donors entrust to us — because we know that every resource given to us can transform a child’s life.

We’re always trying to keep our overhead rate low so our programs can directly benefit more children.

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Iliana and Silvio, Silvio Plata’s parents.

Music, as an irreplaceable food for the soul, occupies a special place in the life of our beloved son, who with your support, soon will be singing hymns of love for God and songs of gratitude. [Learn more]

Iliana and Silvio, Silvio Plata’s parents.
Adriana, Sebastian’s mother.

Thanks to Italo’s Way Foundation, mi little Sebastián who suffers from TEA, has had the opportunity to receive classes to learn to swim and water survival skills. [Learn more]

Adriana, Sebastian’s mother.
Sylvia, Aranza’s mother.

Italo’s Way Foundation, a cornerstone for the evolution and development of my daughter, Aranza; a team that works hard to provide quality of life for our children! This is an angels’ help and protection here on earth! [Learn more]

Sylvia, Aranza’s mother.
Marina, Miguel’s mother.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Italo’s Way Foundation for the wonderful opportunity of giving my child the benefit of a personal trainer for his swimming lessons. [Learn more]

Marina, Miguel’s mother.
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