Who are we?

“Italo’s Way Foundation” is a nonprofit organization created with the purpose of achieving social integration of children with special needs, by developing their particular skills through art, sport and job training, among others.

Who is benefited from the Foundation?

“Italo’s Way Foundation” benefits all children with any type of special needs, without any discrimination, helping them in the process of discovering and developing their individual abilities. The beneficiaries must meet the requirements that apply to each program.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

You must send an email asking for a Scholarship Application form, which must be completed and returned for evaluation. The answer you receive later depends greatly on the availability of scholarships.

What is the lasting period of a scholarship?

The scholarships are scheduled to cover periods corresponding to the current school year (September to June each year). Before each period a new Scholarship Application process starts. Scholarship applications are received throughout the year and will be assigned according to their availability. During summer vacations there is the possibility of offering courses for limited periods.

How are the training centers allocated once the scholarship is awarded?

The Foundation has established strategic partnerships with independent centers that meet all the established rules for their operations, specifically in terms of certified and highly sensitive personnel to serve children with special needs. Upon approval of the scholarship, the chosen center is the one located closest to the child.

Is the Foundation recognized as a 501 (c) (3) Organization?

Yes, “Italo’s Way Foundation” is recognized before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a charitable organization exempt from income tax under section 501 (c) (3).

What are the Foundation’s future plans?

The Foundation is planning to provide 100 scholarships in the year 2015. This one is an ambitious goal that we are determined to reach with the support of our sponsors and people willing to back up our mission.

We have also planned a monthly workshop to guide the families of these children, promote the sensitization of the population in general with regard to the children with special needs, and encourage a culture of non-discrimination.

How can I fund a child or program for a year?

The Foundation has prepared a budget for 2015 which establishes the contributions of companies and individuals to finance a child or program for a year.

Any amount of money as a donation is welcome, but if you are interested in financing a child or program, please send your inquiry to italoswayfoundation@yahoo.es and we will send you back all the relevant information.

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