It is well known by everyone the positive impact of a happy childhood in our adult life, physically and emotionally as well. This topic can become a priority for parents, propelled by the desire of providing their children with the necessary tools that will contribute to their full development. As a result, this is going to facilitate their integration into society as prepared individuals, independent ones, who hold moral values and principles, becoming instrumental to the making of a better world for everyone, a world where discrimination has no place. Children with special needs do not escape this reality, and we must give all necessary tools for a child to reach a fulfilled adulthood.

Italo’s Way Foundation has put together a group of persons who share the values of love, respect, friendship and solidarity, convinced as they are of the benefits that can bring the discovery and development of the particular skills of the children with special needs, by developing their individual skills and talents through art, sports and job training, among others. In developing these particular skills we will be increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence, thus facilitating their social integration and independence.

In planning 2015, we aim to reach the target of 100 beneficiaries, and we will, counting on the support of sponsors, whether individuals or organizations, sensitized with our work.


Dr. Hernán Bongioanni