Music, as an irreplaceable food for the soul, occupies a special place in the life of our beloved son, who with your support, soon will be singing hymns of love for God and songs of gratitude.

Iliana and Silvio, Silvio Plata’s parents.

Thanks to Italo’s Way Foundation, my little Sebastián has had the opportunity to take lessons to learn to swim. Like all children with TEA, it was initially hard for him to get accustomed but he has now made significant progress, and although each day is a challenge for his trainers and for us, to see him being encouraged by something other than their daily routines convinces us that these children can have a future with the help of people dedicated to teaching, and who really know and understand our anguish. Forever grateful.

Adriana, Sebastian’s mother.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Italo’s Way Foundation for the wonderful opportunity of giving my child the benefit of a personal trainer for his swimming lessons. This benefit is multidimensional: in his behavior, because it helps him focus and complete a task that is also fun and stimulating to the senses, and physically because it improves coordination of his movements and makes him stronger. Besides his success in the learning process of this activity, it brings emotional benefits, raising his self-esteem.

Finally, it is a great relief to me in regards to his safety since my child is developing the ability to save his life, considering that here in Florida we are surrounded by water.

Marina, Miguel’s mother.

Italo’s Way Foundation, a cornerstone for the evolution and development of my daughter, Aranza; a team that works hard to provide quality of life for our children! This is an angels’ help and protection here on earth!

Sylvia, Aranza’s mother.

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